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About us

Our ambition is to build a house of competence within all parts of Yield Management, Distribution, Revenue Management, Profit Management, and Total Profit Management.


We offer advice, guidance, tools, challenges and internal competitions based on the latest research in our field. Through this we will even out the differences that have arisen between the large chains and the smaller independent hotels, an asymmetric competence and knowledge difference.


The big ones win, while the smaller hotels fails to reach an increasingly confusing and complicated marked. Both in terms of what price you should take every single day, but also what channels you should be visible on in order to attract the segments the hotel focuses on in its business plan.

The company was founded in 2021, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We saw a business opportunity in the complexity hoteliers experienced in how to distribute, and how to price their rooms in the market.


Furthermore, smaller hotels have been lagging behind in the bigger chains in recent years, and we want to level the playing field.

Meet the team

Thorstensen, Terje II_edited_edited.jpg

Terje Thorstensen

CEO & Partner

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Former Director of Revenue Management in Haut Nordic AS & Lily Hospitality Group, and Director of Revenue Optimization Scandic Norway. Broad experience within the field of Revenue management and distribution from multiple chains and destinations.


Excel and analysis expert building decision making tools. McS in International Hotel Administration from Cornell University and University of Stavanger. 

+47 402 99 251


Ådne Skurdal

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Former COO and CFO in Haut Nordic.

Experienced hotelier, expert on operations, change management, and turn around cases. 

Great knowledge in the field of distribution, revenue management, BOD work. 

Attended School of Hotel Management in Stavanger and The Hotel School at Cornell University.

+47 980 99 475


Sondre Prestegard

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Founder and previous owner of Haut Nordic, a profitable hotel and restaurant company. In charge of several turn-around projects in Radisson. Strategic, business know how, creative, solution oriented and motivation. 


Grew up in a hotel- and restaurant family. International Hotel Administration from Cornell University and University of Stavanger, and a bachelor in accounting and tax.

+47 977 44 006

our values

Reliable, thorough & analytic


Offering clarity and direction in a complex world


Offering competetive edge to small and medium players within the field of revenue management 


Maximize profits for our customers, through total revenue management and build a leading cluster of highly competent revenue managers

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