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RevMAX Analysis

RevMAX offers a variety of market reports - with a twist. We offer clear recommendations founded on data and experience. 

Market Analysis

RevMAX 7-step market analysis

Our 7 step process calculates the true demand in the market. We use the most detailed data available to secure an accurate understanding of the potential and forecast of any destination. We see beyond the data. Analysis includes daily benchmarking data, monthly SSB data, and more. Where other's might see 60% occupancy, we see 60% plus an unobserved potential and turnaways. Some say the devil's in the details. We say, the profit's in the details. 

Distribution Analysis

Understanding distribution is soon becoming a critical success factor for almost all hotels. Making the correct distribution long term strategy, can be the difference between huge profit and huge loss.


We know what to look for, how to calculate the true cost of each distribution channel, and evaluate the best way forward. Our distribution analysis also includes recommendations of the best mix for your product - by looking at what you have now, and what you might have in the future. All suggestions comes with a ROI analysis. 

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Distribution Analysis
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Customer Analysis

We are sure you have seen this before: a top-10-customer list. But: have you ever seen a "top-10-profitable-customer-list"?


Understanding which customers you might risk to loose, and which you absolutely should not loose, can make all the difference in your contracting priorities and bargaining power, and long term profit. 

Customer Analysis

Custom Excel Models

Do you sometimes feel like a poorly built robot, doing repetitive task that you need to to every day or month? Are there any report, overview or dashboard that would make it easier to make a decision?  

A spreadsheet is a brilliant tool to calculate and report. What takes you hours or days, Excel can do in milliseconds, with the right code and logic. We customize any model to fit your need. 

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RMS Selection & Implementation

A Revenue Management System (RMS) analyzes a combination of competitor rates, historical rates, market dynamics, and inventory levels to predict demand and provide rate recommendations *.

If you are considering investing in an RMS application, but unsure of what to choose, RevMAX is here to assist and will guide you trough the entire process. 

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Hotel Asset Management

The right concept, brand, segmentation and revenue strategy are essential factors for achieving the highest possible property value. 

RevMAX analyze the revenue generation of the hotel/property and the revenue potential using benchmarking data.

  • How does the property perform compared to the market?

  • Are the operator leaving money on the table? 

  • Do the property get it's fair share of the market? 


We look at the property as a whole, and look for potential new revenue streams at the property level, both physical and digital. 


RevMAX are hired by a landlord or hotel property owner to help the operator generate more revenue to the benefit for both the operator and the owner. 

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Feasibility studies

Within RevMAX and our parent company Edge World we have the competence to do a complete feasibility study for all types of development projects.

The feasibility study seek to give the developer an objective and reliable overview of the project with emphasize of the potential Return on Investment (ROI) of a project with an analysis of the market penetration, site, development cost, brand selection and market analysis.  We bring in the relevant resources outside our organization when needed. 

RMS Selection
Feasibility studies
Asset Management
Excel Models
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