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RevMAX Revenue Tool

Having a tool or the support to make only data-driven commercial decisions, might be the most profitable decision you have ever made. We assist in setting up our 100% dynamic price model on all rates including rooms and F&B. 

Revenue Tool is packed with pricing modules & reports with one thing in common:

focusing on offering the best possible commercial advice. 

365 Price Calendar

Our 365 Price Calendar offers fully dynamic rate recommendations on multiple segments - based on your need and forecast. Our Traffic Light indicates quickly the need for specific requests. 


Tour Series Module

Tour series analysis can be time consuming. This module comes with a fully automated reply on specific dates and destinations, including optional hotel. 


Tour Series Contracting Module

Tour Series contracting can allocate a lot of capacity for 1-2 years up front. Use RevMAX Tour Operator Contract Module to secure one place to handle your seasonality, blockouts, special events, rates by weekday, F&B halfboard rates. Automated contract output.


Report modules

Our report modules focus on actionable data to highlight need periods, trends versus targets or last year, and more. RevMAX know-how will assist you in interpreting data, suggestion strategic direction, and RevMAX reports will assist in measurement of succes for activities and strategies versus set goals. 


Destination Group Module

RevMAX Group Destination module provides a quick and easy "best fit" suggestion by hotel, destination, rate, season, meeting room utilization percent, and more. Perfect for destination optimization!


Crew & Project Module

Crew or projects can be an important contributor to year end results. RevMAX calculates quickly multiple periods to offer you the best advice on long term group decisions.


Corporate Contracting Module

Corporate contracting can be the most important strategy for many hotels. Our module secures an aligned volume strategy by destination and hotel, portfolio price posititioning, and corporate sub-segment pricing. Options on fixed and/or dynamic rates. 


RevMAX RMS Bar Module

The RevMAX RMS Bar Module offer automated suggestion on dynamic BAR rates by roomtype or BAR levels, along with restrictions. Our algorithm considers your strategy, occupancy, forecast, roomtypes, and more. Currently supports uploads to SynXis CRS and Nordic Choice hotels using Cenium.

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