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Revenue Management

"Selling the right product, to the right customer, at the right moment, for the right price, through the right distribution channel, with the best cost efficiency"

Our Method

Through many years of experience within the field of Revenue Management and distribution - we have built a number of techniques, best practices, competitions, sales objectives and knowledge that can be used to increase both average prices and occupancy while reducing costs. Our models combine theory and practice, offering you intiuitive models to make the best decision - all day, every day!

We support multiproperty setup, multi-segment strategy, rate quotes, rate uploads, upselling competitions, revenue culture, and more: a 100% revenue management philosophy! 


How we work 

Review room configuration



Competitor Analysis

Yield strategies

100% data-driven decisions

Forecast and budget

Demand curves

Distribution strategies - online/offline

Identifications of need periods

Displacement analysis

Decision modules

Multi property solutions

Sales objectives and competitions

Your dedicated revenue manager from RevMAX will be part of your team, supporting you with analysis and recommendations. We can do your distrubution work, be your revenue-advisor, and create a revenue management culture. We offer weekly reports and monthly revenue meetings. We'd love to be your sparring partner on small and large decisions!


For new partners or startups, we recommend a full review of the hotel. We start by talking with the staff - especially the general manager, hotel manager, sales staff, and recetion manager. This gives us a good idea of the current strategy, the potential, the bottlenecks, and much more! Then we look at the property from a guest's perspective - identifying any revenue-bottlenecks in distribution. This inside-out and outside-in perspective, is a good way to start understanding any property. 

We can help you implement our in-house developed tools, or support you with selecting & implementing a RMS system. We have done this several times before, and know the challenges that can arise when integrating a Revenue Management System (RMS) with a Property Management System  (PMS), and perhaps with a Central Reservation System (CRS) and a Content Management System (CMS).


Unique combination of education (Cornell) and experience (150+ hotels)


60+ years experience in operation, management, and owner positions


20 000+ hours in excel programming and tool development


Decision making tools with actionable recommendations

Data quality, security and integration


Multi-property & destination strategy


Understanding cost, profit before revenue


World class know-how on segment behaviour

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