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RevMAX Services

We offer a variety of services within revenue management. We primarily focus on hotels and have long experience in hotel management and hotel revenue optimization. Below you can compare our service offers. 



In our Basic service package - we offer you access to RevMAX Revenue Tool, including setup and training of relevant personell. 


Onging service includes data capture minimum bi-weekly. 

Basic partners gets 10% discount on Other Services. 

In our Medium service package, we offer both access of RevMAX Revenue Tool, setup and training of relevant personell, and ongoing strategic support on group requests and contracting strategy. 

Data capture are performed minimum weekly. 

Medium partners gets 15% discount on Other Services. 

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  • All Basic Services

  • Strategic support

  • Contracting support

  • Ongoing Group support

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  • Basic & Medium Services

  • RMS Controls

  • Distribution Support

Purchasing our Full Service Package will feel like having a full time revenue manager for hire. 

In addition to supporting all group requests, all contract strategy, ongoing strategic advice - we also offer RMS controls for Daily Bar Pricing and restrictions. 

RevMAX also support distribution of rooms through all channels according to your PMS or CRS or Channel Manager. 


Service Comparison

In order to see what service that best fit your need, we have made a matrix with the service levels and the items included at each level. 

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